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About Us


In 1984 two people decided to start a business venture.

Their objective was to provide a service in the field of cylinder head rebuilding. It was a new concept - up to then machine shops were working on complete engine rebuilding. In order to do better job in rebuilding the cylinder head - aluminum heads in particular - they decided to specialize in this field.

In August 1984 Werner Machine was founded.

Robert Weimer, experienced engine rebuilder joined forces with Wally Werner, young and energetic European emmigrant. The combination worked great. The experience and knowledge in conjunction with energy and new ideas shortly produced results in development of new methods and procedures. Both partners agreed to use newest equipment available and procedures they developed during many test and experiments.They closely worked with manufacturers of equipment and frequently tested the prototypes, taking active role in development of cleaning, presure testing and machining equipment for the industry

Company enjoyed the success for many years, growing and working out of multiple locations.

In recent years demand for cylinder head rebuilding decreased significantly. In the same time Bob Weimer retired from his active role in the company, however he is still involved, giving advice and keeping track of latest technology developments. Remaining partner decided to develop a niche market based on his lifelong passion for road racing and Porsche cars in particular.
After a few successful attempts to improve performance of Porsche engines and cylinder heads he decided to build a race car, used later as a test bed. The 1974 Porsche 911 #934 GT4S was created, and most of the ideas were tested in this car.


Project 934

#934 Porsche 911 GT4S - a race car built from scratch - is good-known to Porsche Club of America members and is frequently seen at track events during the race season. Not only she runs fast - being constantly improved and upgraded, she also is a test bed for our ideas and solutions... Read More


Werner Machine, Ltd. is an Authorized Dealer of LN Engineering's Nickies™ cylinders.

The Green Approach

It is our belief that by minimizing our impact on environment we contribute to the future of our planet.

the_green_approachAt Werner Machine we use the most environment-friendly equipment available. Our cleaning devices use biodegradable detergents and chemicals. Thermal degreasing system is fitted with an afterburner in effort to minimize the amount of exhaust gases. As an abrasive media we use baking soda, which does not leave any polluting by-products and assures superior cleaning capabilities. Various filtration systems are implemented in order to maintain clean work environment. Ultrasonic cleaner provides final cleaning of parts and minimizes the damage to the surfaces.