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Customer Feedback


Great job with the bottom-up rebuild, you kept me well informed throughout each step of the process, and I really enjoyed the end result!

I will not hesitate to use you again, thank you !

Neil French, PCA Car #331

porsche-469 Thanks to Wally for a great PCA Club Racing Season. The heads withstood the beating I gave them all season. Even nicked a few upper RPM's with no consequences!!

Wally's heads are the BEST!!!

Joe Gaucher, PCA Car #469

 porsche-000 Werner Machine has always gone the extra mile, getting projects completed with precision, quality, and being thorough. These guys live and breath what they do and there is NO substitute.

John Donovan, Chris Schuh Motorsports


Werner Machine, Ltd. is an Authorized Dealer of LN Engineering's Nickies™ cylinders.

The Green Approach

It is our belief that by minimizing our impact on environment we contribute to the future of our planet.

the_green_approachAt Werner Machine we use the most environment-friendly equipment available. Our cleaning devices use biodegradable detergents and chemicals. Thermal degreasing system is fitted with an afterburner in effort to minimize the amount of exhaust gases. As an abrasive media we use baking soda, which does not leave any polluting by-products and assures superior cleaning capabilities. Various filtration systems are implemented in order to maintain clean work environment. Ultrasonic cleaner provides final cleaning of parts and minimizes the damage to the surfaces.