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The 934 Project


The 934 Project started as 1974 Porsche 911. We found it on Ebay in Nashville, TN. The previous owner started a restoration project, but lost interest in the process. Chassis supposed to be in excellent condition and free of rust. The engine and transaxle were intact and unaltered. Interior was mostly unusable. It was a perfect starting point for our project. Over the weekend we made a trip to Tenessee, picked up the car and brought it back.

The Body

IMG_2242_1 IMG_6723
The body turned out to be not as perfect as advertised and required a lot of additional work. We have replaced the front section of the floor and parts in front of the windshield with new sheet metal.
IMG_6717 04
Car had no sunroof. After we have deleted drip gutters we removed all non-structural body panels A full custom roll cage has been engineered. Chrome-moly steel allowed us to use smaller diameter of tubing, which subsequently reduced the weight of the car, without compromising structural integrity and rigidity.
07 08
Full, rigid roll cage construction allowed for usage of lightweight, carbon fiber body panels, which made further reduction of weight possible. Finished project ended up weighing around 1960 lb. 993 Turbo body have been chosen for its aerodynamics and classic shape.
IMG_6729 IMG_6906
Hollow sway-bars, FOX coil-over shock absorbers in conjunction with modified mounting points gave us high-performance suspension with full adjustability. For maximum safety the fire supression system was used along with a fuel cell, which replaced the stock fuel tank. Camber boxes were used and tied in to the roll cage for maximum rigidity. Oversized oil cooler was installed and plumbed using lightweight nylon-braided hoses.
Gran Turismo braking system by Brembo© was installed for maximum braking performance. For this purpose the wheel size was increased to 18 inches. R6 compound Hoosier© tires were chosen.  

The Engine

13 RA2007-p934-085
Ports in cylinder heads were extensively modified. Oversized valves, perfomance valve springs along with titanium retainers were used. We have implemented ceramic coating in combustion chambers and exhaust ports to improve heat dissipation. Original, 2.7 l engine provided a starting point. By using oversized cylinders we have increased displacement to 2.9 l with compression ratio of 10.3 to 1. To increase rigidity of magnesium cases we have installed shuffle pins.
12 11
Tuned port injection system withSecond spark-plug conversion allowed for better efficiency at higher compression. Individual coils for each cylinder are used, which improves ignition system's performance. Electromotive© digital engine management is used along with crank trigger and cam sensors. ECU determines optimal performance based on real-time information from various sensors, using custom ignition maps.
The power plant at conservative settings produced healthy 235 horsepower at the rear wheels and ran maintenance-free for 100+ track hours with redline set at 7500 rpm. 14

Watch the video of 934 started and driven for the first time.


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The Green Approach

It is our belief that by minimizing our impact on environment we contribute to the future of our planet.

the_green_approachAt Werner Machine we use the most environment-friendly equipment available. Our cleaning devices use biodegradable detergents and chemicals. Thermal degreasing system is fitted with an afterburner in effort to minimize the amount of exhaust gases. As an abrasive media we use baking soda, which does not leave any polluting by-products and assures superior cleaning capabilities. Various filtration systems are implemented in order to maintain clean work environment. Ultrasonic cleaner provides final cleaning of parts and minimizes the damage to the surfaces.