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Welcome to Werner Machine.


 Our reputation has always been based on quality of our product. We have always understood that holding ourselves to highest standards is the best way to attract customers and develop long term relationships based on trust and loyalty. Our reputation allowed us to grow and become the largest company of its kind in the Chicago area.


Because our field of operation was mainly in uncharted territory, it was up to us to decide on equipment and technology. Meticulous record keeping and cross-referencing of our data with available specifications gave us a chance to create an extensive bank of information. Our open-minded approach and long term commitment allowed us to establish ourselves as the leader in cylinder head rebuilding field.


boxster heads At first, trial and error was the only method of developing new technologies, but after years of extensive research and development work, we were able to come up with techniques resulting in product of superior quality. As forerunners in aluminum cylinder head repair we constantly have worked on procedures based on thermal expansion of the metals and stress control. We have implemented usage of various ovens, liquid nitrogen and cryogenics. The 934 Project gave us an opportunity to experiment with coatings - both as an heat barrier and as friction reduction. Because not every idea have worked, it was detrimental to be able to test our new procedures in-house and offer them to customers only after successful development.


Porsche 959 - Timeless Classic at Werner Machine


Porsche 959 - the supercar that redefined what it means to be a supercar... For the 1986 model year, Porsche introduced the 959—a twin-turbo, all-wheel-drive, 444-hp, range-topping 911 built with little regard for cost and packed with every bit of racing technology the company could spare. Just 337 examples were built, but they shook the world. It was also an instant legend, the kind of thing ready-made for poster duty on some kid's bedroom wall. The 959's technological DNA abounds today not only in the world's 911 Turbos and Panameras, but in plenty of practical, affordable cars that people don't think twice about.

Werner Machine was recently asked to rebuild cylinder heads for Porsche 959. It certainly was one of a kind experience. It also allowed for direct comparison of technologies and design used 27 years ago.

Let's make sure...yes, it really is 959! 104th in line :-):



The DOHC four-valve heads are water-cooled and swiped from the 956/962 parts bin, but the 959's 2.8-liter block is still air-cooled:



 Side-to-side comparison: on the left 996 GT3RS, on the right 959:



 Heads rebuilt, assembled, tested... ready to be installed back:


It was a great pleasure and privilege to help keeping this timeless classic on the road!


Project 934


#934 Porsche 911 GT4S - a race car built from scratch - is good-known to Porsche Club of America members and is frequently seen at track events during the race season. Not only she runs fast - being constantly improved and upgraded, she also is a test bed for our ideas and solutions... Read More


Werner Machine, Ltd. is an Authorized Dealer of LN Engineering's Nickies™ cylinders.

The Green Approach

It is our belief that by minimizing our impact on environment we contribute to the future of our planet.

the_green_approachAt Werner Machine we use the most environment-friendly equipment available. Our cleaning devices use biodegradable detergents and chemicals. Thermal degreasing system is fitted with an afterburner in effort to minimize the amount of exhaust gases. As an abrasive media we use baking soda, which does not leave any polluting by-products and assures superior cleaning capabilities. Various filtration systems are implemented in order to maintain clean work environment. Ultrasonic cleaner provides final cleaning of parts and minimizes the damage to the surfaces.